How to Find the Right Chiropractor For You

Finding a new chiropractor or getting chiropractic care for the first time can be a little scary at first.   Lowrey Chiropractic is located in El Dorado HIlls on the border line of Folsom.  Most new patients that call in or visit for the first time are looking for answers to 3 common questions:  (1)  Would you be the right chiropractor for me (2) How long am I going to need chiropractic treatment and (3) how much is chiropractic care going to cost.

Chiropractic Education

Many people like to choose their chiropractor based on the school they graduated from to receive their Doctors of Chiropractic.   To attend a chiropractic college one must have a completed a minimum of 2 years of undergraduate study at a university.  Chiropractic college is 4 years and in the 4th year students must intern for 1000 hours.  Palmer College of Chiropractic is one of the most prestigious chiropractic colleges in the world.

Specialized Therapies, Treatments and Services

You may want too understand all the health and wellness services the chiropractor offers.  Some chiropractors only provide chiropractic adjustments for spinal health.  Depending on your injury or goals you may also want to find a chiropractor that specializes in treatments and therapies that are going to help accelerate your goals.  For example at Lowrey Chiropractic we are certified in additional disciplines like the latest technology in soft tissue treatments such as ART (Active Release Technique & Graston).  We also provide additional services including massage, nutrition and exercise.  This allows the patient to receive a well rounded and holistic approach to treating an injury and maintain their overall wellness.

Personality and Customer Service

Given the chiropractor has received the right credentials, personality and customer service are important qualities to look for.  Some chiropractors or chiropractic practices are more business oriented.  The exams and treatment are quick which are great for patients in a rush.  Some people like chiropractors who are not as rushed during the exams and willing to take their time in answering the patients questions.  We try to help educate our patients about their condition and explain steps they can take on their own to help prevent the pain from reoccurring generally through stretches, exercise and treatments.

Finding a Chiropractor in Your Area

Most people find a chiropractor as a referral by asking someone they know and trust.  Friends, family members, co-workers are a great place to start to ask if they know a qualified chiropractor they would recommend.  The internet has become a great way to find product and services and read online reviews.  To find a chiropractor in your area run a search in Google, Yahoo and Bing with the keyword you’re looking for as well as the city you are in.  For example, “Folsom Chiropractor”,  “Active Release Technique in El Dorado Hills” , “Back Pain Relief Folsom” , “El Dorado Hills Chiropractic Care”.  The listings in the search results will generally have a customer reviews that you can read through and see what other people are saying about their service.

Health Insurance & Chiropractic Coverage

Finally, you may want to understand if your health insurance is accepted by the provider.  Most health insurance plans today also cover chiropractic care.  To see what benefits you are entitled to you can check the providers website or call directly and the provider will be able to tell you what benefits you are entitled to.

Dr. Judd Lowrey is a El Dorado Hills Chiropractor and business owner of Lowrey Chiropractic serving El Dorado Hills, Folsom, Shingle Springs, Placerville and Cameron Park, CA.

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