Active Release Technique

2336872911_d95dd1f5b4.jpg (JPEG Image, 375x500 pixels)Active Release Technique is very popular amongst athletes including triathletes, long distance runners and cyclists as well as patients with chronic pain because the results are fast and effective. Active Release Technique is a system capable of performing soft tissue massage at a much higher level of precision and depth than a conventional massage in breaking down scar tissue.
Lowrey Chiropractic is one the only offices in the El Dorado Hills and Folsom, CA area to provide the best in chiropractic wellness with the latest advancements in soft tissue treatments like ART and Graston.   In our experience combining ART with chiropractic care has shown to speed up recovery and get safe results fast.

What is Active Release Technique?

ART is some times referred to as a deep tissue massage system that is distinct from other techniques, methods and treatments in the chiropractic field.  There are over 500 specific movements in the system to treat specific problems that are affecting the patient.

It requires the participation of the patient in relation to the massage directed at specific tension points as opposed to just applying temporary relief to a broad area. The process of shortening and lengthening the tissue during the treatment makes it very effective in alleviating the pain by breaking down the scar tissue for a fast permanent change.

What are the causes of muscle injury and scar tissue?

There are three primary causes which lead to scar tissue and muscle injury:

  1. Intense injury such as a care accident or an injury due to a contact sport poses serious risk in developing either temporary or permanent scar tissue.
  2. Repetitive movement can also cause a build up in scar tissue by doing the same movement in an excessive manner.  Office workers, software engineers, musicians and hygienist commonly suffer from this type of injury since they are in a fixed position over a long period of time performing the same movements over and over.
  3. The muscles not getting enough oxygen known as “hypoxia” can cause injury.    For example, sitting in a slouching position for a long period of time restricts the blood circulation and will cause scar tissue in that area.

Active Release Technique Certified

ART is a constant process of evaluating and treating the affected area.  The ART practitioner uses their hands to evaluate the movement, tightness and texture of the muscle and all the soft tissue around it.   After identifying the problem area direct pressure is applied to the abnormal tissue in very specific movements.

Dr. Judd Lowery is a Folsom & El Dorado Hills Chiropractor located in El Dorado Hills, CA.

2 Responses to “Active Release Technique”

  1. Graston Chiropractor Dr. Brown Says:

    Both ART and Graston are exceptional techniques for soft tissue (muscle, tendon, fascial, and ligamentous) injuries. As described above, there are often exceptional results in treating athletes and chronic injuries.

  2. North Wales PA Chiropractor | Dr. Allen Conrad Says:

    Active Release Technique, or ART, is effective in the chiropractic treatment of muscle and tendon injuries.

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